BOTLiam Software

Tool to easily create a loader (injector with dll inside it)

this software allows you to create an injector that has your dll embedded inside it. that is injected when ran.



it is called "DllEmbeddedInjectorMaker.exe" you specify a target process for example "explorer.exe" it's function is to receve any dll you give it and then create a new executible called "InjectorWithInbeddedDLL.exe" that is a loader / injector with the dll you just gave embedded inside it. when this new file is run it should inject into the process that you specified.


1. open "DllEmbeddedInjectorMaker.exe"
2. input your target exe into field called "Target exe for injector"
3. make sure your target exe has the same architecture as your dll
4. drag and drop your dll you want injecting onto any white space
5. a file should now be created called "InjectorWithInbeddedDLL.exe"
6. run this new file, it should inject


OS: Windows 10
Processor: 32 bit minimum
Microsoft .NET Framework
Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable

Virus Total Tested and passed. Link